The integrated yet open venue design makes Soul Live Project Complex highly-flexible and versatile for a broad selection of event spaces. With international standard facilities, it is the ideal venue to host all types of events or functions with a capacity of over 500 people.

Situated in District 3, Soul Live Project Complex offers the added benefit of a convenient location right at the center of the dynamic Ho Chi Minh City.


The main space of Soul Live Project Complex provides a single column-free area with a capacity of more than 500 people. With the purpose-built fixed and large stage and backstage dressing rooms, it promises to become a central space for music/ performing arts enthusiasts in Vietnam. This space is also ideal for large-scale conventions, exhibitions, conferences, concerts, and other networking events.



The main space can be subdivided into smaller spaces to accommodate smaller events. These spaces are equipped with open stages, offering a cozy atmosphere for performers and audiences. The purpose-built wooden floor of these spaces are ideal for dance workshops and events.

For all our event spaces, we also provide a range of technical services. Our available sound and lighting facilities can cover the most basic of events, while our in-house stock of additional sound and lighting fixtures can meet all your event requirements.