Soul Live Project

09 Dec 17 - 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

After more than four years of creating and releasing two albums, “Chương II” and “Giấc Mơ Giấy”, Ca Hoi Hoang had a quiet time on the music scene but they are back now  at full throttle to introduce their third album named: “GẤP”.

As Ca Hoi Hoang said,”’GẤ́P’ is not just an adjective with the meaning of “hurry” or “urgent”. The name ‘GẤ́P’, without Vietnamese accents will be ‘GAP’ – which in English means space/ silence. That’s the space that Ca Hoi Hoang has gone through to start to face maturity, more seriously in the choices between life, career and passion for music. And ‘GAP’ is also a folding action, holding the “Giấc mơ giấy” in the drawer; sorting our dreams and other chapters of the book of life and knowing that you always have the best memories somewhere in the drawers, bookshelves, or the work corner.”

Regarding music, the album “GẤ́P” continues to be a new experience. Ca Hoi Hoang focuses on lyrics, sounds, new effects, and how to pronounce words, which harmonize with each other. You might hear a song as it was recorded 20 years ago; or maybe it has “evolved”, being deposited, simply in a different form from the previous two albums.

On tour through Vietnam to meet their fans and to promote their new album, after Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Ca Hoi Hoang will “swim” to the south to bring fans in Saigon the live concert, “GAP”, at the Soul Live Project Complex, HCMC on 09/12/2017.

Come and swim in this vast ocean of music with Ca Hoi Hoang!

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