Soul Live Project

22 Sep 17 - 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Soul Live Project is pleased to present Soul Connects: Careers in Music, featuring our two guest artists: Mr. Ory Shihor – Bosendorfer and Yamaha artist, Piano Professor at both the Colburn Music Academy and the Colburn Conservatory, USA and Ms. Bich Tra – Master of Arts in Piano, Tchaikovsky Music Institute. This program will introduce the music industry as well as share valuable lessons about how the music industry exists in the world today and how young people, who have a passion for music, can understand the professional career paths in music that could be available to them. This is an opportunity for all to gather, exchange and discover the special things that make a career in music so unique. Through this program, Mr. Ory Shihor and Ms. Bich Tra will share inspirational stories from their careers in music combined with performance pieces that will demonstrate the ways in which they pursued their artistic dreams. They will also talk about the kinds of difficulties they had to overcome in order to achieve success with the important triumphs along the way that have marked their journey to becoming professional performing artists. Please join us at SOUL CONNECTS to find out the answers to some of the questions you might have and to get more perspectives, as well as in-depth and practical knowledge, about music and arts careers in Vietnam and around the world.


Time & Date: 7:00 pm, Friday 22/09/2017

Venue: Soul Live Project, 214 – 216 Pasteur, W. 6, D. 3

Purchase ticket at: bitly/soulconnect3

Price ticket: 200,000 VNĐ


FREE tickets available for the first 10 registrants.

20% Discount for students* and groups of 4 or more.

*This applies only for direct purchases at Soul Live Project.


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