SOUL Convention Complex

21 May 17 - 1:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Improvisation based on the inner feelings of each individual to discover the unconscious reactions of each part of the body, thereby forming a new movement has a natural sense.

Do we dare to explore and confront our deep feelings to expose them on top of each millimeter of our skin?
This improvisation-based WORKSHOP will help connect you with yourself and to others through movement and body language in order to awake our imagination & creativity.

JAM – this is an invitation into a space that offers a journey into the world of Body and Movement in Improvisation.
After the workshops, this “Jam” gives participants and everybody who wants to or is interested to join the Jam into free space and free movement. This is a very unique time for all to explore and discover themselves, to share and connect energy to each other in a bigger space through the body, movements, rhythm and our soul, to play and enjoy the very unique moment that’s happening in this time, and which is not possible to happen again in another time.

VENUE: Soul Live Project (214 – 216 Pasteur, W.6, D.3, HCMC)


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