Ta có hẹn với Phạm Duy

Soul Live Project

09 Sep 17 - 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

“Ta có hẹn với PHẠM DUY” is a concert organized by Sing For The Moment & Soul Live Project with inspiration from the very own compositions of Vietnam’s well-known composer. With a musical grandeur of over 1000 songs, Phạm Duy’s music goes into the heart of music lovers with immortal melodies and cleverly written lyrics.

This musical night is a collaboration of artists from different generations, with distinctive styles, rhythm and musical emotions; in company with the presence of a 14-member band, we promise to bring an interesting “date” with Phạm Duy to the Audience. The event is charge free. All of the Program’s revenues will be donated to Sing For the Moment’s Scholarship.

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